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Per CSMS #15-000733, CBP has issued its August-September 2015 ACE Monthly Trade Update, which updates the ACE Mandatory Use Dates webpage, ACE Development and Deployment Schedule, and Partner Government Agency documentation (PGA) available on The updated ACE information, with links, includes:

  • The ACE Mandatory Use Dates webpage provides details on the updated dates for the trade transition to filing entry, entry summary, and PGA data in ACE and the decommissioning of the corresponding entry and entry summary processing functionality in legacy ACS.
  • The ACE Development and Deployment Schedule provides details on when upcoming ACE capabilities will be developed and deployed into the ACE production environment.
  • The ACE PGA Forms List provides the PGA form names and data descriptions required at the time of entry and entry summary filing for the ACE Mandatory Use Dates, and identifies the method of submission used by the trade community to electronically transmit PGA information to ACE.
  • The ACE ITDS PGA Pilot Rollout Plan and Schedule document lists the ports associated with the ACE PGA Pilots.
  • The List of DIS Forms Available and/or Required at Entry,sneaker Post Release, and Export documents provides a list of DIS forms that are available and/or required for the February 28, 2016 ACE Mandatory Use Date.

For even more information on this topic, see CustomsNow™’s ACE Resource page.

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