ACE: Help CBP and file entries in the PGA Pilot

seal_aceAs many in the trade know, one of the most daunting tasks faced by US Customs in migrating to ACE is the deployment of functionality for cargo release which is conditioned on the approval of Partner Government Agencies.  This involves the incorporation of 47 PGAs involved in the trade process and nearly 200 forms required for imports and exports. To help create a Single Window — a one-stop shop for clearance of imports requiring one or more PGA approvals — CBP is enlisting the assistance of the trade in its PGA Pilot per CSMS #15-000886:

  • What is the PGA Pilot? The PGA Pilot is an opportunity for the trade community to work closely with CBP and the PGAs as we begin a filer’s transition to ACE for use of the PGA message set. CBP will assist in connecting the trade with the appropriate contacts at the various PGAs and providing guidance as necessary. CBP and PGA technical teams will hold a conference call with the filer (and software vendor if applicable) to monitor the filer’s first ACE Cargo Release transactions with PGA message set data into ACE.
  • There are no restrictions to participate in the PGA Pilot, unless specifically noted. A filer will pick one or a few entries for pilot filing and, after piloting successfully, the PGA will advise if and when the filer can start to transmit those entries unassisted. Once approved, a filer can transmit one or all entries into ACE during the pilot period for that PGA program. All filers are eligible to participate in the pilot unless otherwise noted.

Additional information on the PGA Pilot can be found here.

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