New! ONE USG message in ACE includes notice of both CBP and PGA entry releases


On October 31, in support of the ACE Single Window Initiative, US Customs deployed functionality for the new “ONE USG” entry status notification. This alert indicates that an entry has been released by CBP and any applicable Partner Government Agencies (“PGA”).

For filers (brokers or direct filing importers), receipt of the ONE USG message will be the first time that a single source will identify whether a shipment has cleared CBP and all other PGAs.  The ONE USG message is an entry level status message, replacing the “paperless” message but also covering the PGA release confirmation.  Therefore, importers will now know, definitively, that their products can be shipped out to their respective customers or used in their manufacturing processes.

On the other hand, carriers will still rely on the 1C message to confirm release the goods.  The 1C is posted as soon as the ONE USG message is received by the filer.  Other bonded facilities (e.g. warehouses) now also have the ability to view the 1C message with an ACE Cargo Query, using an ACE-certified ABI software solution such as CustomsNow™ CQS.  This process will replace the paper 3461, which is now obsolete.

It’s important to note that a 1C disposition code will also be posted once CBP has releases a shipment, even if the PGA has ordered that the shipment be held intact (“Hold Intact”) pending further review.   The PGA will instruct the filer of such a hold, via an entry level messages, to “Hold Intact” the cargo at their chosen facility while they conduct a review.

The below illustrates when a release will, or will not, be posted to an import shipment (click to enlarge): entry hold types

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