Clearing up confusion on PGA Pilot in ACE



Here’s the current status of filing PGA entries (Cargo Release) in ACE.  Per CSMS #16-000038, this guidance is valid through February 1, 2016, unless updated instructions are available sooner.*

  • Beginning Feb 28, 2016, all entries (Cargo Release) (with limited exceptions) and entry summaries must be filed in ACE.  By then, CBP will be able to accept entries with the PGA data for FDA, NHTSA, and APHIS (Lacey.)
  • Presently, it is no longer necessary to participate in a pilot for FDA (Disclaim), NHTSA and APHIS (Lacey.)  CBP has opened them up to the public and they are already operational.  There is no need to wait until February 28; you can file ACE entries with these PGAs and get a release now.  CBP implores users to file these transactions in ACE immediately.
  • All other entries containing FDA PGA data must be tested through the FDA Pilot before you can be authorized to send this information in Production before February 28.   Also, APHIS (Core) transactions still require a pilot call at this time.
  • For any other agencies, like EPA, from Feb 28 to July 2016, filers must follow the hybrid process which essentially means you send the declaration form via the DIS.
  • See US Customs’ PGA Pilot/ACE resource page for more information.

* If you do not see an updated CSMS on or before February 1, CPB suggest that you contact Steve Zaccaro at for updated instructions.  This is a fast-moving pilot and requirements are likely to change, which necessitates continuous updates.


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