February 28: File in ACE or your cargo release will be delayed!

As many in the trade are aware, as of February 28, 2016, US Customs’s legacy ACS system will no longer be available for filing of any electronic entries and associated summaries.  Filers may only file in ACE; those who are not prepared to file in ACE must file paper entries and entry summaries.

After February 28, the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport complex and outlying ports “will give priority to processing all electronic entries and entry summaries.  Filers who submit paper entries will face delays in cargo processing, impacting the release of their shipments.”  Details are here.  LA&LB Ports – Mandatory Use of ACE for ALL Electronic Entry and Entry Summary Filing

Other ports of entry will likely follow suit.  Make sure your (or your broker’s) ABI system is fully ACE-compliant!

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