NCBFAA: Will ACE really be ready on February 28?

NCBFAA_2013_VOTI_FinalThe National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America has issued a press release regarding its January 8 open letter to its members, questioning US Customs’ ACE implementation schedule.

Although NCBFAA “has endorsed ACE as a vastly superior to its predecessor (ACS),” the organization has expressed grave concerns that programmers’ ability to thoroughly test all new ACE functionality will be seriously hampered by the lack of sufficient time to do so in light of the looming February 28 transition date.  In particular, NCBFAA notes:

Software refinements continue and system updates are being processed on an almost daily basis.  In fact, some entry functions (such as the process for placing goods in a bonded warehouse), will not be available [for testing] until the last minute, February 28….

Accordingly, NCBFAA has requested a complete stop to all software changes for processes going into effect on February 28 to allow for meaningful and complete testing before launch.

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