ACE: Live entries not quite paperless in LA/LB



Filers submitting live entries through ACE Cargo Release at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex should know that it’s not entirely a paperless process yet.  In a February 23 public bulletin, the seaport notes that such live entries must be filed directly with the the Finance Team in Long Beach.

In a somewhat ironic message, the edict from the port complex reads in part:

Since ACE Cargo Release is considered a paperless program, brokers/filers will only be required to submit in a green folder CBP Form 7501 or 7501A with a check attached to the Financial Team.  The invoice, packing list, and remaining supporting documents shall be uploaded onto the Document Image System (DIS).  No check or cash collections of any type should be submitted to Selectivity, Entry or Import Specialist teams.

The complete Public Bulletin: LA16-003 Submission of Live Entries filed through ACE Cargo Release at the LALB Seaport

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