ACE timeline slips!

seal_aceIn response to continued concerns about system readiness, US Customs today announced an updated ACE transition timeline.

CBP has implemented a staggered approach to the mandatory filing of electronic entries and corresponding entry summaries in ACE, and the decommissioning of electronic entry/entry summary filing capabilities in the Automated Commercial System (ACS).

Here are the first of the upcoming deadlines, with a link to the complete transition plan — which CBP states will continue “to align with our December 2016 deadline for implementation of the Single Window via ACE.”

  • The February 28, 2016 deadline for the crossover to file all entries in ACE is now the date when CBP will start divesting ACS, and limiting support and maintenance.
  • A March 31, 2016 deadline now requires electronic entry summaries with no PGA data to be filed in ACE (entry types 01, 03, 11, 23, 51 and 52).  Also electronic entries and corresponding entry summaries (for the same entry types) with data for APHIS (Lacey) and NHTSA (unless paired with other PGA data) must be filed in ACE.

US Customs’ entire ACE transition timeline, with additional deadlines (May 28, 2016 and TBD Summer 2016) for other entry types and PGAs, may be found here.  Interestingly, CBP has specifically singled out FDA filings which”will continue to be allowed in ACS to provide more time for industry to transition to ACE.”

We will update as we learn more from Customs.


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