Podcast: How to transport your ocean cargo on a “clean” vessel

cargoshipsIs your cargo traveling on a “clean” ship?

There’s an easy way to find out.  Shipping Efficiency.org is an initiative that was launched in 2010 to create a rating database for vessel carbon dioxide emissions.  Ocean shipping generates more than a billion tons of CO2 emissions each year.  Environmentally conscious shippers can consult the site for reports on more 76,000 commercial vessels in service today, and book their cargo accordingly.

Bob Bowman of SupplyChainBrain hosts an informative podcast with Victoria Stulgis, senior associate with Shipping Efficiency.org, during which they discuss this issue, as well as steps vessel owners and operators can take to reduce their carbon emissions – all the while making their ships more efficient.

The 26 minute long podcast is available here.


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