With no more CF 3461s, learn how to document cargo release


As ACE replaces ACS as US Customs’ official system of record, the trade is at last moving to a paperless environment.  However, many are uncertain about how to document cargo release information with the discontinuance of the CF3461.

The easiest and most accurate way to determine when a shipment has cleared CBP and PGA is to run an ACE Cargo Query (CQ) to verify that the “1C” is on file.  A customs release is signified by a ‘1C’ being posted to the bill, and this is the same information that carriers use to determine if cargo has cleared and can leave their bonded facility.

In addition to providing the release date and time, an ACE Cargo Query shows the entire ‘life’ of the bill in AMS including when the carrier filed their manifest, when an ISF was filed against the bill, if any holds were placed (e.g. VACIS X-Ray, CBP-Ag, FDA, etc.) and when the hold was subsequently released.

CBP is encouraging “non-automated” facilities to get automated for this reason, since ACE allows for this type of “paperless” environment.  CustomsNow™ offers our Cargo Query System (CQS), our NEW subscription-based tool that delivers real-time, immediate proof of CBP and PGA cargo release for entries filed in ACE.  Perfect for importers, as well as container freight stations (CFS), bonded warehouses, carriers, and freight forwarders, who require instant visibility of the status and/or release of imported items.  CQS also shows visibility into the status of in-bonds, PTTs, plus confirms quantity, arrival information, and more.  Learn more.

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