ACE Cargo Release: CBP to resolve FDA/CBP HTS dilemma this summer



While the launch of ACE is transforming and modernizing the way the trade does business, the process is not without its hiccups.  US Customs just acknowledged a significant glitch — an inconsistency between the number of HTS codes that CBP and FDA permit in a single line in entries.  The good news is that the agencies are addressing the issue and expect resolution this summer.



Per CSMS #16-000233:

  • Cargo Release was designed in the same manner as Entry summary to allow the transmission of up to 8 HTS codes within a single CBP line. FDA cannot accept entries where within a single CBP line there is more than one HTS code with FDA data. Both CBP and FDA are aware of the issue.
  • In order to submit FDA data properly, trade must provide only one HTS code with FDA data on each CBP line. In this manner FDA can accept up to 999 CBP lines per entry. CBP and FDA will be working on this issue to enhance system capability and allow for trade to submit multiple HTS codes with FDA lines on a single CBP line. Work is currently underway to complete this functionality by mid to late Summer 2016.

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