ACE Cargo Release: Some original paperwork still required for now

paperstackACE is moving the trade to its long-stated goal of paperless processing.  To that end, filers must submit supporting documentation via ACE’s Document Image System (DIS).  However, some PGAs, for the time being, will require submission of original paper documents.

The Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport “is working to standardize the receiving and processing or physical paper documents for ACE Cargo Release Entries” via specifically labelled “ACE” drop-boxes at the ports.  In addition, there are specific requirements imposed for the cover sheets that accompany the physical papers.  Details are available here:  LA&LB Ports Interim Procedures Regarding Paper Documents for ACE Cargo Release Entries.

As a reminder, LA/LB has also established a process for submission of original paperwork for live entries.

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