Updates to ACE reporting functionality

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From US Customs’ March 2016 ACE Monthly Trade Update:

On February 15, 2016, CBP retired infrequently used ACE Reports to finalize the transition to the new workspace model for all report users. Users were informed that their “Shared” and “My Favorites” folders would not be impacted by this change. CBP also mentioned to users that if they wished to maintain access to any of the reports scheduled for retirement, they could do so by saving a copy of the report to the “Shared” and “ My Favorites” folders for future use.

In addition, CBP redesigned the “Home” tab with a new ACE Home Landing page with hyperlinks enabling trade to quickly access ACE reports, training information, and view the latest updates and find helpful tips. The “Documents” tab was also updated and the “Account Management,” “Account Revenue,” “Entry Summary,” “Multi-Modal Manifest,” and “Transactions” folders were removed and replaced by the “ACE Home,” “Trade Workspaces,” and “Training” folders. The new reports folder structure combines all available report types by account view, using a new tabular format which groups by data universe name.

A document listing all the Retired ACE Reports is available here.

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