ACE: DIS capabilities and rollout explained

seal_aceUS Customs has just released its ACE Document Image System (DIS) Implementation Guide (draft dated April 2016).  While the guide is essentially a technical, programming document, it also outlines for the trade the capabilities DIS will provide for imports subject to certain PGA approval.

The initial phase provides basic document image submission and management capabilities. Specifically:

  • Allow Trade Partners to submit document images and associated descriptive meta data to CBP and PGAs in an automated manner using EDI communication
  • Store all submitted documents in a secure centralized CBP data store and maintain associations with related data such as Entry and Bill numbers
  • Allow authorized users to retrieve, view, and annotate documents via a web based user interface
  • Provide basic security, authorization and auditing
  • Offer back-end services that facilitate search and reporting capabilities to trade partnersto verify the receipt of documents
  • Provide capabilities for CBP Client Representatives to view raw received messages

Subsequent phases will provide new interfaces that allow integration of DIS image management capabilities with other systems in CBP and PGAs. These incremental phases will introduce service integration with other CBP systems and usage of DIS application capabilities by additional CBP and PGA user groups to meet business process requirements during the cargo review and release process.  For additional information, please see our recent post, “Submission of PGA forms through DIS until ACE mandatory deadlines.”


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