ACE now has Notes and Messaging Windows

seal_aceUS Customs has recently deployed ACE functionality that improves communication with the trade on specific shipments.  Per CSMS#16-000331:


    • ACE now supports the ability for CBP users to transmit notes to filers about an entry.  Message to the filer are transmitted through…ABI on the S020 record.  When a note is issued, ACE will resend the latest status message along with the note from CBP.  Notes may include requests for additional data, reasons for rejection of a corrections/cancellation request, or other requests for information necessary to process the entry.  This feature is not supported for paper submissions….
    • ACE processing has been revised to adjust when status messages are issued to filers.  Manifest Hold or Intensive Exam status messages will not be sent any earlier than the variable release window, regardless of the mode of transportation.  Previously, some status messages were being issued outside the variable release window.  Additional information available here.


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