ACE: On June 15, ACE will be the only system to process certain FDA entry types

FDA-LogoFrom today’s Federal Register:

Effective June 15, 2016, ACE will be the sole CBP-authorized EDI system for electronic entries and entry summaries for merchandise that is subject to import requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), associated with the certain entry types listed below.

Other FDA entry types will processed solely in ACS, and the remainder will not be automated in either ACE or ACS.   CBP will publish a subsequent Federal Register Notice in the near future when the additional entry and entry summary filings will be transitioned in ACE.

ACE as the Sole CBP-Authorized EDI System for the Processing of Certain Electronic Entry and Entry Summary Filings Accompanied by FDA Data

  • 01—Consumption—Free and Dutiable
  • 03—Consumption—Antidumping/Countervailing Duty
  • 06—Consumption—Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • 11—Informal—Free and Dutiable
  • 23—Temporary Importation Bond (TIB)
  • 51—Defense Contract Administration Service Region (DCASR)
  • 52—Government—Dutiable

ACS as the Sole CBP-Authorized EDI System for the Processing of Certain Electronic Entry and Entry Summary Filings

  • Electronic entry and entry summary filings for the following entry types must continue to be filed only in ACS:
    • 02—Consumption—Quota/Visa
    • 07—Consumption—Antidumping/ Countervailing Duty and Quota/Visa Combination
    • 08—NAFTA Duty Deferral
    • 09—Reconciliation Summary
    • 12—Informal—Quota/Visa (other than textiles)
    • 21—Warehouse
    • 22—Re-Warehouse
    • 22—Re-Warehouse
    • 31—Warehouse Withdrawal— Consumption
    • 32—Warehouse Withdrawal—Quota
    • 34—Warehouse Withdrawal— Antidumping/Countervailing Duty
    • 38—Warehouse Withdrawal— Antidumping/Countervailing Duty & Quota/Visa Combination
    • 41—Direct Identification Manufacturing Drawback
    • 42—Direct Identification Unused Merchandise Drawback
    • 43—Rejected Merchandise Drawback
    • 44—Substitution Manufacturer Drawback
    • 45—Substitution Unused Merchandise Drawback
    • 46—Other Drawback
    • 61—Immediate Transportation
    • 62—Transportation and Exportation
    • 63—Immediate Exportation
    • 69—Transit (Rail only)
    • 70—Multi-Transit (Rail only)

Due to Low Shipment Volume, Filings for the Following Entry Types Will Not Be Automated in Either ACS or ACE 

  • 04—Appraisement
  • 05—Vessel—Repair
  • 24—Trade Fair
  • 25—Permanent Exhibition
  • 26—Warehouse—Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) (Admission)
  • 33—Aircraft and Vessel Supply (For Immediate Exportation)
  • 64—Barge Movement
  • 65—Permit to Proceed
  • 66—Baggage


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