Filing of ATF forms in DIS during interim period prior to mandatory filing


Per CSMS#16-000400:

During the interim period, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has decided to allow ACE Cargo Release filers to submit their ATF Forms 6 and 6A through the Document Image System (DIS) to satisfy ATF import requirements. Currently there are 3 different ways that CBP field personnel may receive ATF documentation for import; 1) the traditional paper process; 2) ACE Cargo Release submitted through the PGA Message Set; and 3) DIS with the ACE electronic entry. For DIS entries, the completion and approval of an ATF Form 6 or through its electronic equivalent (ATF’s internal system) represents ATF’s prior approval. The presence of an approved ATF Form 6 accompanied with the ATF Form 6A DIS submission represents approval of importation. Filers should submit both forms simultaneously with the entry. If filers do not send both forms with the entry, processing may halt because documents (Form 6 and 6A) are required for release. It is not necessary for CBP to print and sign the documents from DIS, nor will it be expected by ATF or the filer to receive either documents from CBP. However, filers will still be required to provide a copy of the Form 6A, with Sections I and III completed, to ATF within 15 days of the release from CBP custody without CBP signature.

ATF pilot participants may continue to submit the required data via the PGA Message Set during the interim period. This interim DIS policy is merely providing the option for Cargo Release filers to upload Forms 6 and 6A in DIS until the data captured in those forms are required to be submitted electronically via the PGA Message Set. The ATF pilot is still open, and new participants are welcome to join.

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