ACE: New CBP guidance on PGA Entry Type Codes


Per CSMS #16-000439:

This following advises which CBP Entry Type Codes will require Partner Government Agency data, (i.e., the PGA Message Set) when the entry types are deployed and the PGA is ready to accept them. Below is an explanation of the legend on the attached chart detailing PGA filing requirements by entry type code, and additional clarification on the Entry Type 06 Foreign Trade Zones.


• The word “Yes” in the entry type line/box indicates the PGA’s data is required for, the entry type when the entry contains the (HTS) commodities, regulated by that specific PGA.

• The word “No” indicates the PGA’s data is not required for the entry type.

  • TYPE 06 – Consumption, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ):
  • The PGA’s chose one of two options for requiring their PGA data:
    • At Cargo Release
      • Eleven (11) agencies require the PGA message set at Cargo Release, whether it is a Regular Type 06 or a Weekly Estimate:
        • ATF / AMS / APHIS / DEA / EPA / FDA / FDA / FSIS /FWS / OMC / and TTB
    • DUAL option
      • If a regular 06 entry is filed at cargo release, then the PGA data is required with the filing.
      • If a weekly estimate is filed at Cargo Release, the PGA data is required at Entry Summary, (no PGA data is to be sent with the weekly estimate).
      • Four (4) agencies opted for the dual option:
        • APHIS Lacey / CPSC / NHTSA and NMFS

Any questions can be referred to William.R.Scopa@CBP.DHS.GOV




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