GAO: FDA’s PREDICT tool for food imports “working as intended”

fdalogoFrom the US General Accountability Office’s May 2016 Report “IMPORTED FOOD SAFETY: FDA’s Targeting Tool Has Enhanced Screening, but Further Improvements Are Possible”:

FDA officials reported that they conduct monitoring of PREDICT on an ongoing basis and that the data they collect as part of this monitoring show that PREDICT is working as intended—that is, PREDICT is focusing entry reviewers’ attention on items determined to be of higher risk. Data provided by FDA from fiscal years 2012 to 2014 confirmed that in general, PREDICT is fulfilling this role. Our analysis of these data showed that in general, the higher the PREDICT risk score, the more often entry lines were examined and the more often they were found violative.

For example, for fiscal year 2014, entry lines that received higher PREDICT scores generally were more often selected for a field examination, for a label examination, or for sampling, and entry lines with higher PREDICT scores were more often found violative.

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The full GAO report is available here.

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