NCBFAA provides update on SOLAS


Important SOLAS update from our friends at NCBFAA:

SOLAS will become effective next week. There has been a flurry of compliance processes and requirements published by Vessel Carriers, NVOCC’s and Marine Port Terminals. NCBFAA continues to collect and post these notices keeping in mind many are changing as we speak. We are seeing an interesting trend develop which may change previously posted notices.

On June 16, 2016, the Federal Maritime Commission publically and strongly encouraged the ocean carrier community to accept already available weights as provided by the Marine Terminals to lessen the burden on shippers. The notice further supports the Coast Guard’s position that the United States currently complies with providing accurate weights, the ultimate purpose of SOLAS. The full notice is available here.

OCEMA, an association of 19 major carriers have released a statement supporting the use of terminal scales to obtain the Verified Gross Mass (VGM). This change of heart has come about due to tireless efforts of our NCBFAA Counsel, officers, committee members and other associations, including the shipping community.

While this is a wonderful trend, it does not mean that shippers are not required to provide the VGM to those carriers and marine terminals who haven’t yet agreed to weigh and accept the VGM from other sources. NCBFAA will continue to collect and post notices on our website. To assist our OTI membership, the Transportation Committee has developed this VGM submission form that may be utilized by shippers to supply the VGM to those carriers requiring submission. The Committee also updated the SLI form to reflect these regulatory changes.

Please continue to check with each individual carrier and terminal on their requirements to ensure your clients are in compliance.

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