ACE: System bug requires a call to CBP reps to process certain in-bond/FTZ entries


A glitch in ACE requires filers of certain in-bond entries to contact their CBP client representatives to intervene, for the time being, to generate an arrival message.

Per CSMS #16-000731:  For ACE Cargo Release entries moving in-bond from FTZ facilities to bonded warehouses, the bill of lading type “FTZ Withdrawal” doesn’t generate an arrival message which is necessary for ACE Cargo Release processing to occur.  For any entries in this scenario which remain in Admissible status after successful submission and manual release by Ports if applicable, please contact your Client Rep and reference existing ticket # INC000002914731.  The ACE Cargo Release team is working on an update which should be deployed to PROD by 9/9/2016.  An additional CSMS will be sent when the update has been deployed.


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