CBP/EPA: Harmonize import entry requirements for different classes of vehicles, engines and allow e-filing of docs


From today’s Federal Register:

In an effort to provide consistency in the administration of CBP’s vehicle and engine imports program so that importers of both road vehicles and engines, as well as stationary and nonroad engines (including engines incorporated into vehicles or equipment), are subject to the same filing and recordkeeping requirements, CBP is proposing to conform the entry filing requirements applicable to the EPA Declaration Form 3520-21 to those that currently exist for EPA Declaration Form 3520-1

CBP proposes to amend existing regulations to permit the electronic filing of EPA Declaration Forms 3520-1 and 3520-21 to CBP in the ACE or to any other CBP-authorized electronic data interchange system. (The EPA declaration forms may also still be filed with CBP in paper with a paper entry filing at the time of entry.)

The electronic transmission to CBP of EPA declaration forms will

  • automate and enhance the interaction between the EPA and CBP by facilitating electronic collection, processing, sharing, and review of requisite trade data and documents during the cargo import and export process.
  • provide for a quicker and more efficient clearance process and enhance CBP’s ability to conduct targeting and enforcement of importation requirements.
  • permit CBP to analyze and flag problems immediately, whereas paper filings result in an ad-hoc process that requires a physical inspection by a CBP or EPA inspector.

Comments on the proposed rule must be received on or before September 16, 2016.

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