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From CBPs’ July 2016 ACE Monthly Trade Update:


As a result of recent enhancements to data universes in ACE Reports, CBP has developed and deployed new ACE Cargo Release reports for the trade community. ACE Report users can now run or modify the following two standard reports available in the “Cargo Release” tab of the broker and importer trade workspace:

  •   CR-004 – Cargo Release Line Details
  •   CR-005 – Cargo Release Entry Details

CBP has also posted a new series of videos on ACE Reports. These videos cover a range of topics discussed in the ACE Reports User Guide, and have been designed to provide supplemental training and support to both new and advanced ACE Reports users for all account types. Topics covered in the ACE Reports video series include:

  •   Accessing ACE Reports
  •   Setting Default Preferences
  •   Navigating ACE Reports
  •   Navigating the Workspace
  •   Running Standard Reports
  •   Saving and Exporting a Reports
  •   Modifying Report Queries
  •   Modifying Display of a Report
  •   Modifying Query Filters
  •   Creating Ad Hoc Reports
  •   Scheduling a Recurring Report


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