ACE: What’s changing for duty deferral processing?

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Effective October 29, 2016, US Customs will cease processing duty deferral entries in ACS and will do so via ACE.  According to CBP, fortunately for filers, most of duty deferral processing will largely stay the same.


1) What will change with duty deferral in ACE?

There are only minor changes to duty deferral processing in ACE.

  • A duty deferral entry cannot be edited in ACE, only lines may be deleted. In order to edit, the original duty deferral entry must be rejected and the trade must resubmit. As necessary, the trade may request CBP reject the entry summary for corrections.

2) Are there any duty deferral resources available?

3) Who do I contact if I have issues?

For questions related to duty deferral, contact your Client Representative or the ACE Account Service Desk at 1-866-530-4172 or

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