Continued fallout from the Hanjin bankruptcy



Update from the Journal of Commerce:*

  • A US federal maritime commissioner said that shipping alliances may have to prove that they have emergency procedures in case a member files for bankruptcy, as Hanjin Shipping has done, adversely affecting its own customers and those of its shipping partners in its CYKHE alliance.
  • Since the collapse of Hanjin, shippers, truckers, terminals, fuel providers and chassis companies have expressed concern about the impact on their business, and many have filed papers in hearing in the US Bankruptcy Court matter
  • Their concerns are, for example:
    • How to obtain containers locked in Hanjin ships
    • How to return Hanjin containers when terminals won’t accept them
    • How to deal with Hanjin containers and chassis stored in yards and warehouses across the US (causing fears of another chassis shortage)

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