High demand for supply chain professionals in the manufacturing and retail industries

SupplyChain 24/7 has published some significant new trends in the search for new talent in the supply chain industry

  • Demand for supply chain professionals in manufacturing and retail have “gone through the roof.”
  • Women are finally breaking into the top echelons of what had been a male-dominated industry.
  • With big data driving insights, many companies are seeking analysts with mathematical and data driven backgrounds to determine how to best use data to predict trends.
  • There is a need for candidates with technology backgrounds who can understand the causes and effects on operations and how to best use digital developments to streamline processes
  • While a background in mathematics, statistics and data analysis are in high demand, employers are not discounting the importance of soft skills, such as the ability to communicate trends and analysis with senior management

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© SupplyChain 24/7


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