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GTNexus has just published a free white paper, “Visibility in the Inbound Supply Chain: Finding a Clear Competitive Advantage as Complexity Grows.

The key takeaway of the report:

The companies that are gaining a competitive edge are the ones investing in technology that can greatly improve inbound visibility and best address the current challenges in the market. They’re using systems that provide end-to-end visibility into inventory and supply chain activity across the globe.

Some of the many advantages of increased visibility, besides the elimination of outdated manual processes, include:


  • Increasing supplier collaboration
  • Improving supply chain agility and reducing inventory
  • Reducing transportation spend
  • Tracking actual landed costs as they accrue
  • Meeting regulatory compliance requirements and streamlining the customs process

The CustomsNow™ ACE-compliant SaaS solutions can help achieve these benefits, especially improvements in customs compliance, release processing, and visibility to the Customs and Partner Government Agency (PGA) status.  For example:

Self-filing (direct filing)

  • By filing entries directly, importers have immediate access to the current status of their import shipments – specifically, visibility to CBP holds (both compliance and security related), PGA holds, and more.
  • For certain types of holds, these importers are better positioned to ensure that the agency has the information needed to make an admissibility decision.
  • Direct filers are able to run AMS queries to verify clearance and avoid delivery delays.

ACE Cargo Query System

  • Provides a real-time electronic (paperless) system that provides immediate proof of U.S. Customs and (as available) PGA cargo release for entries filed in ACE
  • Container freight stations (CFS), bonded warehouses, terminal facilities, and freight forwarders need this. Non-automated parties MUST get automated to obtain electronic proof of CBP and PGA release.

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UPDATE:  According to GT Nexus:

  • The 2016 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in London was a treasure trove of powerful insights from top supply chain practitioners across all industry verticals. But one statement stood out. Gartner predicts that by 2018, the deployment of end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions will increase by up to 50%.
  • Visibility has ranked on top of the agenda for most supply chain executives for many years and the topic has received its fair share of attention during industry conferences in the last decade. But for the longest time, this desired end-to-end visibility across the entire partner network has remained an elusive goal for most organizations. The main reason for this is that for way too long, companies were led to believe that network-wide visibility can be accomplished with a piece of enterprise software.
  • But after massive investments in traditional enterprise systems, many organizations have come to realize that the kind of on-premise software they were buying simply wasn’t made for a networked world.

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