All 10 CEEs at 2016 East Coast Trade Symposium





Just announced by CBP:  The ten Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEE) Directors will conduct interactive discussions through an individual speed roundtable style format. Symposium participants may rotate to the tables of their choice for discussions on one of many  CBP trade priorities including enforcement, strategic trade processing, industry collaboration, efficiencies gained and account based principles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have an up close and personal discussion around the mission and operational focus of the Centers.


  • Apparel, Footwear & Textiles – San Francisco
  • Electronics – Los Angeles
  • Machinery – Laredo
  • Natural Gas & Minerals – Houston
  • Base Metals – Chicago
  • Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising – Atlanta
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Materials – Buffalo
  • Automotive & Aerospace – Detroit
  • Agriculture & Prepared Products – Miami
  • Pharmaceuticals, Health & Chemicals – New York

The 2016 East Coast Trade Symposium will be held on December 1-2, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel in Arlington, VA.  REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN



LA trade professionals: Attend WITOC’s duty refunds and drawback workshop


What’s trending for exporters and importers?

Do you know about the new duty drawback law?

Women In Trade – Orange County is ready to help with this informative program!

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 8.35.46 AM


Many global businesses are unaware of options that maybe available to them to take advantage of proven duty saving programs to help reduce import and export costs, increase profitability and gain competitive advantage in U.S. and foreign markets.  Join us and learn what’s trending in the international trade arena for multinational companies, importers and exporters about one program that’s sure to be of interest – Duty Drawback – A Refund of Certain Exports.  New rules are soon to go into effect.

This workshop will provide an overview of the program, some of the noteworthy requirements and the associated risks.  There will be a discussion of the latest trends in using this program, the new drawback law, best practices and tips for regulatory compliance.

  • This workshop is designed for Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Corporate Counsel and other professionals of companies who are importing and/or exporting with responsibility for trade compliance, import/export processing, supply chain and logistics management, sales and finance.
  • International trade-related service providers in legal, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, consultants, banking and city economic development will also find this workshop of value.


Founder and President
Newport Beach, California
November 17, 2016
3350 Avenue of the Arts
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
$95 Members ; $125 Non-Members
          $550 Corporate Table of 6




CBP updates 3 key ACE tools!


New ACE Documentation published on

  • ACEopedia – This document contains details on current ACE features and their benefits, as well as details on what new features are currently being developed
  • ACE Development and Deployment Schedule – The documents provides details on when upcoming capabilities will be developed and deployed in ACE, and includes a list of changes made to this update.
  • ACE PGA Forms List – This document provides PGA data requirements and methods for submission of data in ACE.

Helpful ACE reports to measure trade compliance



New to ACE reports?  Finding them difficult to navigate?  Here are some suggestions to help keep your company and your broker(s) compliant with trade laws.

The canned reports in ACE are an excellent place to start:

ace reports graphic









Of these, the AM 008, Entry Summary Line Detail Report, is particular helpful for managing imports.  There is a significant level of detail, so it is especially helpful if you oversee multiple IORs, allowing you to compare volume, ports of entry, HTS codes, etc.  Additionally, it serves as a robust tool to support internal audits.

Also beneficial to grab a snapshot of import activity are:

  • AM 009, Summary of Mfr Code by Value Report
    • This report can be used to determine the total dollar amount imported from individual manufacturers and can assist in monitoring contractors.
    • It can also be used as a starting point for C-TPAT review of suppliers.
  • AM 010 – Summary of HTS Nbrs by Value Report
    • This report can be used to monitor Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number(s) use by filer and to detect systemic problems in classification or use of special trade programs.

For additional resources, please see our recent blog post on this topic, as well as CBP’s resource page on ACE reporting.


Check out the 2016 Global Trade Management Survey results


KPMG and Thomson Reuters just issued their 2016 Global Trade Management Survey report.  Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.13.41 AM

This year, more than 1,700 trade professionals from across 30 countries in a wide range of industries were surveyed to gain new insight into the operational practices, risks, and challenges affecting global trade departments today.

The survey reported six major “takeaways,” including the following:


Responses indicate that the majority of global trade departments lack the systems, processes and visibility needed across supply chains to maximize incentives and internal resources to thrive in today’s highly-dynamic global marketplace.  Check out our recent blog post about using technology to improve visibility in supply chains.

Access the survey here (site registration required).







Make your Hanjin bankruptcy claims now!


Veteran trade attorney, Susan Kohn Ross, of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, has posted some helpful guidance about contending with the Hanjin bankruptcy in this week’s NCBFAA e-briefing.

Here are some highlights:

  • There is a lot of press coverage about the Hanjin bankruptcy, but very little of it provides tangible facts for traders to rely on. One thing we know for sure is Hanjin filed a Chapter 15 bankruptcy in the U.S. What that means is the U.S. bankruptcy court will defer to the Korean bankruptcy court regarding how the case will proceed.
  • The U.S. court will limit its orders to cargo in the U.S. or touching the U.S. Most importantly right now, if you think you have a claim against Hanjin, you need to file that claim in the Korean bankruptcy proceeding, and you must do that between October 11 and 25, 2016. If you miss that claim deadline, you will be out of luck.
  • There are a handful of Korean lawyers representing the interests of cargo owners and other potential claimants in Korea and they should be contacted immediately. Referrals are available.

The complete article >> Hanjin Bankruptcy Update

How is ACE doing? Pretty well, it seems

Here are some analytics on the state of ACE from US Customs’ September 2016 ACE Monthly Trade Update.  Of note:

  • Nearly 100% of ACE core capabilities have been deployed, with only 12% remaining for post-release functionality.
  • 3.4 million FDA cargo release entries were transmitted.
  • There were 62,000 active trade ACE portal users, up from 12,500 in FY15.






ACE reports: New functionality to assist protest filers

Protest filers are truly benefitting from ACE.  In addition to the proposed conversion of the Notice of Liquidation process to a paperless one, US Customs has also launched a new workspace for protest filers in ACE reports.

  • The workspace provides Protest Filers with access to the newly developed Protest data universe and the ES-403 Protest Details report.  This standard “canned” report provides detailed protest information including: Protest Filer Number, Protest Filer Name, Protest Number, Number of Entries, Protest Status, Protest Assigned Team Number, and much more.
  • The ES-403 report can be modified by users wishing to add or remove columns of data.  Protest filers will also be able to create custom ad hoc reports using the Protest universe.

CBP has posted short training videos that provide step-by-step information on getting started with ACE Reports.

cbp seal

CBP: Notice of Liquidation process to leave the Stone Age



Protest filers rejoice! As part of the ACE modernization process, US Customs is proposing to convert the cumbersome, paper-based Notice of Liquidation process to a more efficient paperless electronic system.

In today’s Federal Register, CBP has announced a proposal to post official notice of liquidation for all entries, including entries filed in paper form, as well as official notices regarding the extension or suspension of liquidation, at

This proposed electronic posting will replace both the physical posting or lodging of bulletin notices in the customhouse as the legal evidence of liquidation and the mailed notices of extension or suspension as official notice.


Some details:

  • The information will instead be accessible via a conspicuous link on the, labeled “Bulletin Notices of Liquidation. “
  • The electronic bulletin notices will be searchable on the CBP Web site by 10 data elements, such as entry number, IOR number, filer, etc.
  • The liquidation information posted electronically will be updated daily.
  • The information will be available on for a minimum of 15 months.
  • Electronic filers, using their ACE Portal Account, will be able to access historical liquidation information that is no longer available on the CBP Web site, run queries for information on recent liquidations, extensions, and suspensions, run targeted reports to conduct in-house audits, identify systemic errors, and more.

The public comment period on this proposed regulatory change is open until November 14, 2016.