ACE reports: New functionality to assist protest filers

Protest filers are truly benefitting from ACE.  In addition to the proposed conversion of the Notice of Liquidation process to a paperless one, US Customs has also launched a new workspace for protest filers in ACE reports.

  • The workspace provides Protest Filers with access to the newly developed Protest data universe and the ES-403 Protest Details report.  This standard “canned” report provides detailed protest information including: Protest Filer Number, Protest Filer Name, Protest Number, Number of Entries, Protest Status, Protest Assigned Team Number, and much more.
  • The ES-403 report can be modified by users wishing to add or remove columns of data.  Protest filers will also be able to create custom ad hoc reports using the Protest universe.

CBP has posted short training videos that provide step-by-step information on getting started with ACE Reports.

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