CBP: Notice of Liquidation process to leave the Stone Age



Protest filers rejoice! As part of the ACE modernization process, US Customs is proposing to convert the cumbersome, paper-based Notice of Liquidation process to a more efficient paperless electronic system.

In today’s Federal Register, CBP has announced a proposal to post official notice of liquidation for all entries, including entries filed in paper form, as well as official notices regarding the extension or suspension of liquidation, at www.cbp.gov.

This proposed electronic posting will replace both the physical posting or lodging of bulletin notices in the customhouse as the legal evidence of liquidation and the mailed notices of extension or suspension as official notice.


Some details:

  • The information will instead be accessible via a conspicuous link on the www.cbp.gov, labeled “Bulletin Notices of Liquidation. “
  • The electronic bulletin notices will be searchable on the CBP Web site by 10 data elements, such as entry number, IOR number, filer, etc.
  • The liquidation information posted electronically will be updated daily.
  • The information will be available on www.cbp.gov for a minimum of 15 months.
  • Electronic filers, using their ACE Portal Account, will be able to access historical liquidation information that is no longer available on the CBP Web site, run queries for information on recent liquidations, extensions, and suspensions, run targeted reports to conduct in-house audits, identify systemic errors, and more.

The public comment period on this proposed regulatory change is open until November 14, 2016.

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