CBP’s ACE Status Update Call now will be weekly


Per CSMS #16-000952

In response to the reduced volume of incoming questions on the ACE Status Update Call, beginning on Tuesday, November 22, the ACE Status Update Call will become a weekly call held on Tuesdays at 2:00PM EST. As CBP approaches the targeted deployment of post-release capabilities to ACE in January 2017, the ACE Business Office will reevaluate the needs of the trade community and increase the frequency of the calls, if necessary.

For those already included in the email invitation for the ACE Status Update Call, the invitation will be updated to reflect this schedule change. If you have not received the email invitation and would like to be added, please email AskACE@cbp.dhs.gov and request to be included.

Call-in information:  1-877-336-1828, call ID 6124214.

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