Attend the Harbor Transportation Club panel on SOLAS on May 12



HTC presents SOLAS: The new container weight rules

For those in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area, the Harbor Transportation Club is hosting a panel discussion on SOLAS, the new container weight rules, which are the cause of much frustration and confusion for the trade.Effective July 1, 2016, any shipping container leaving from any port in the world must be accompanied by a shipping document signed either electronically or in hard copy by the shipper on the bill of lading listing the verified gross mass of a container in order to be loaded onto a ship. The container weight mandate from the International Maritime Organization under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention comes after misdeclared weights contributed to maritime casualties such as the breakup and subsequent beaching of the MSC Napoli on the southern U.K. coast in 2007 and the partial capsizing a feeder ship in the Spanish port of Algeciras in June, 2015.

Panelist will include:

  • Moderator – Bill Mongelluzzo, Journal of Commerce
  • MTO – Philip Wright, Total Terminals International
  • US Coast Guard -TBA
  • Legal – Cameron Roberts, Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP
  • Trucking – Fred Johring, Chairman Harbor Trucking Assn
Date/Time:  May 12, 2016  6PM check-in begins
Location:     The Reef Restaurant, 880 Harbor Scenic Drive, Long Beach CA

CBP to add more entry summary validations (edits) to ACE

seal_aceUS Customs continues to make great strides on ACE.  The latest update to ACE will include new entry summary edits (validations) for informal restrictions, taxes, other fees and charges restrictions.  See CSMS #14-000327 for more details.

A reminder:

  • May 1, 2015: Mandatory use of ACE for all electronic manifest filing – less than 11 months to go!
  • November 1, 2015: Mandatory use of ACE for all electronic cargo release and related entry summary filings
  • October 1, 2016: Mandatory use of ACE for all remaining electronic portions of the CBP cargo process

US importers — make sure that your software (if you’re self-filing) or your broker’s is ACE-certified.  Do it now in advance of these deadlines to ensure uninterrupted cargo clearance.

ACE program updates — 2012 and beyond

US Customs recently issued its  January 2013 “ACEopedia,” highlighting the ACE program’s successes to date, including the many accomplishments in 2012, such as:

Of special interest to US importers are these projects to be worked on in the first half of 2013:

  • Cargo Release – Automated Correction/Deletions:
    • Capability to accept (or deny) corrections and/or deletions to an entry sent by the trade community via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Simplified Entries already on file with CBP.
  • PGA Message Set:
    • Capability to establish the first phase of two-way system to system communications between PGAs and CBP.
  • Initial Entry Summary Edits:
    • Foundation for the ability to process system “edits” or checks on the quality and accuracy of incoming entry summary data so that CBP can properly assess duties, taxes and fees. Work will begin with Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) Validations.

All of these initiatives support CBP’s mantra that ACE “will ultimately become the ‘single window’ through which the international trade community will electronically provide all information needed by federal agencies for the import and export of cargo.”